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Baby Pull ups May 02, 2017

What are the benefits of Baby pull up?

Pull pants, also known as trousers, training pants. Is used as diapers and general underwear transition material: the same materials and diaper with the use of materials, but can be directly wear off, and more than diapers and flexible, especially suitable for learning to walk, has been timely discharge training baby.

Pull pants not only have ordinary diapers anti-urine function, pull the waist is tight, and has the function of shorts.

For the move of the baby, the pants pants pants design better than diapers, wearing a more personal, and flexible, convenient baby activities. But also help mother to reduce fatigue, let the baby easily learn to walk.

When to wear pull ups?

Pull pants mainly take into account the baby activities after the gradual enhancement, in order to adapt to the baby crawling, standing, walking and running and other acts designed.

So, the baby will sit in particular after the climb (usually 7,8 months or so) can consider the use of pull pants, or in the use of M or L diaper when you can use the pull pants, but remember not too early, in the overdue period and diaper with the use of, pull pants do not have baby lying, standing off, but also very convenient. Of course, the big baby can also use the ordinary diapers, pull pants just gives mother another a convenient choice.