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Do you know these problems of diaper Apr 12, 2017
 Diaper will affect the baby's skin?    

A large number of scientific research results show that diapers can keep the baby dry skin, effectively avoid the skin and diaper in the long-term contact with the urine caused by excessive moisture, and moisture is often the first and most important factors to induce diaper rash, because it makes the skin easier Wear, be stimulated, conducive to the growth of bacteria. Disposable diapers extraordinary water absorption, can prevent moisture and skin contact.

Should select the diaper according to climate?  

I believe many mother has the experience and experience of using sanitary napkins, no one product can guarantee adequate ventilation and can guarantee a lot of water absorption. So after each excretion of the baby, be sure to replace the diapers in a timely manner, do not leave the dirty diapers for a long time attached to the baby's buttocks. Reminded that little baby excretion is very irregular, and then carefully Mummy can not control the baby's excretion at any time, so the selection of diapers, it can not only focus on the thickness and water intensity, but for the baby skin and summer Climate characteristics, for the baby choose light breathable diapers.

How long to change a piece of diaper?    

Because the newborn is not fully developed, urine can not be stored in the body for a long time, so the number of replacing diapers will be more. Generally need to change every half hour or four times a day are normal. At the beginning can be replaced 6 to 7 times a day, with the baby grow up, gradually changed to 4 times a day.

In addition, you want your baby is not easy to leak urine, it's very important to wear diaper at a right way.