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How much you know about the Fluff pulp Apr 11, 2017

 Fluff pulp 

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  In general, fluff pulp is a pulp used as a absorbent medium, is widely used in the production of various high-grade health supplies (such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, hospital mattresses, etc.). In the paper industry, fluff pulp originated in the 20th century, 50 years of Europe, mainly used in the field of tissue.

Pulp pulp is widely used in the field of tissue, because compared to other ordinary pulp, fluff pulp fiber length, good strength, high density, and a better fibrosis rate, there is a certain flexibility and better core pad integrity The Therefore, fluff pulp is made of dry paper, high-grade napkin, tissue paper, scarf and as a sanitary napkin, baby diapers, medical sanitary napkins, medical seamless clothing, surgical pads and other pads Hygiene products used as pulp for absorbent media.


 Widely used around the world 

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Over the past decade, with the rapid development of diaper, women's sanitary napkins, medical mattress and other related industries, especially the diaper market prosperity, the demand for fluff pulp is also leaps and bounds, doubled growth. In 2010, the global production of fluff pulp is about 5.17 million tons, after two years, the world's major villa manufacturers mergers and acquisitions, expansion. In 2013, the global fluff pulp production capacity reached 5.4 million tons, and almost all as a commodity pulp sales. According to the data show that in recent years the use of fluff pulp in the overall upward trend, contributed to the increase in production, the dependence on the fluff pulp is also growing. It can be seen that fluff pulp is not only the choice of high-quality products or the best moisture-absorbing material.