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The Main Ingredients of baby diaper Apr 14, 2017

1, Soft skin-friendly top sheet non woven fabric: close to the baby's body, its main function is to

ensure rapid penetration of urine and effectively prevent back to the diaper surface to keep dry. 

Domestic diapers on the market is basically a non-woven fabric layer, breathable non-woven to 

enhance the degree of breathability inside the diaper, water vapor can flow to the diaper, 

the timely discharge of moisture and heat, effectively reduce the chance of occurrence of diaper 

rash, Soft and comfortable not to stimulate the skin.

2, Absorption core layer: the main function of this layer is able to capture and quickly absorb urine, disperse the urine or through capillary action to spread it to the entire core layer, and ultimately absorb and store urine.

At present, the absorbent core of the diaper on the domestic market is mainly composed of pure wood pulp (fluff pulp) and high water absorbent resin (SAP) OR better quality and thinner ,Air-laid SAP paper.

3, Breathable Backsheet: Now a lot of diapers have been used to feel more comfortable and breathable non-woven fabrics, clothlike breathable back sheet non woven fabric, the market price is relatively high, butb the aie permeability is also better.

4,Attach tape: it usually uses the magic/hoop and loop tape to enhance its quality, even somewhere with the elastic magic side tape like Pampers. But whatever is magic or PP tape, either is firm enough to stick on its frontal tape, won't get loose and can be used as many times as you want.

5,Leak-guard: Its function is to prevent side leakage with the specific hydrophobic non woven fabric as well as 3D leak guard.