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Under what circumstances can not use diapers Apr 24, 2017

Diaper is already a daily necessities of maternal and child products, but also every day in the mother who often need to use, and that when the selection of diapers in fact pay attention to cutting, anti-side leakage, absorb dry and so on, but also note that in fact sometimes Not the baby is suitable for the use of diapers.

What is the situation is not suitable for use diaper?

1. Umbilical cord inflammation

If the baby umbilical cord inflammation, it is best not to use diapers for the time being. So as to avoid diaper and umbilical cord friction, or urine stained umbilical cord and aggravate the condition.

2. Diaper allergy

Some babies on the diapers used material allergies, including non-woven fabrics, adhesives, waist stickers may cause skin adverse reactions. If the mother found the baby and diaper contact with the red, itchy, there are unknown small lumps, we must carefully use diapers, or replace the other brands try.

3.Stubborn diaper rash

Baby got diaper rash is best not to use diapers, not only that, have to regularly clean, keep small ass clean, dry. Such as diaper rash after the recovery can try to give the baby to wear diapers, if the diaper rash repeated, it had to give up diapers, and switch to cloth diapers.

But choose a good diapers on the baby and mother are very important, the baby was happy, my mother will feel at ease.

Buy diapers must be combined with the baby's model, season, material to buy all aspects of the general selection of commonly used brand quality is more secure, but also learn to distinguish between true and false, and now the market there are many big brands Diaper of goods. But the economy in general, then you can choose cost-effective diapers, and many other mother exchange experience. Do not choose the kind of cheap diapers, although the reduction of the economic burden, but can not guarantee whether the use of business black heart cotton on the baby's health development have no effect.