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Validity of diaper can not be ignored! Expired diaper, must not give the baby to wear! May 09, 2017

  After the birth of the baby need to use diapers, and every day is more than just one, diaper often soon as a pack of exhausted, and some mothers do not often buy diapers and hoard goods! Or meet the promotional activities when buying hoard goods, but in fact Diaper shelf life will be ignored by the mother, then the do they not give the baby to wear it?

Diapers after the expiration of the difference

Diaper if it is over the shelf life, then it is easy to breed bacteria

Because the diapers and sanitary napkins are the same, the production process is the need for sterilization, but there is a certain period of time, more than there is no health protection, that is, there is no unpacked expired diaper will have bacterial infection.

The shelf life of the water absorption factor

Water absorption factor is made of high absorbent grease, high production efficiency, strong water absorption, shelf life is relatively long, and its physical stability is relatively strong, even if the high temperature will not break down, so even after the shelf life, There will not be too many changes, so the expired diaper can not be used for the baby, but you can use a little to carry out other uses, such as when the fertilizer!