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What is the reason why the diaper surface is not dry enough? Apr 18, 2017

Sometimes hear some mother said that diaper sometimes the surface is not dry, tide, afraid of the baby will be uncomfortable to wear, even because the wet environment will cause the diaper rash and so on.

In fact, if the mother carefully observe the mother will find:

If the baby white urine, the special dry, urine partial yellow, it will be wet.

And urine is also likely to cause red buttocks, when the baby is sick, urine, should give the baby to drink water and frequent diapers.

Urine was different colors because of the different causes of pH, so when the baby put on our diapers that is not very dry when you have to check the baby is not lit. As well as in the test dryness must be water test, so that will not be biased.